Harry Lagert #3, løype C (14/10/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skullerudåsen
Distance: 4.53 km
Time: 35:00
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 172
Mostly OK but one horrible mistake!

Good routes and execution to the first 4 controls, the ride close to #4 turned out to be a new MTB trail which I could follow nearly to #5.

OK to 6 & 7.

To #8 I planned to go wide right, then follow the indistinct paths in the valley leading SW towards the control, but when I crossed my track to #4 I trusted my map memory and ran a long way on the wrong path, something I only realized after I was south of #4! At this point I tried to go straight over the hills to the control but the terrain is so hilly that I had some problems following this plan. Without seeing the split times I'm guessing I lost 2-3 min on this mistake. (Added later: I lost around 3 min here according to the splits.)

Towards #9 the plan was to go mostly north to the big path but I ran too far downhill and lost some more time among all the dot knolls.

OK to the last controls.
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Harry Lagert #3, løype C (14/10/2015) Harry Lagert #3, løype C (14/10/2015)