Asker 2-Mila (11 km) (11/10/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Asker
Distance: 14.23 km
Time: 125:26
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 174
We came home around 01:00 last night after two weeks on a cruise ship, so I was quite nervous before this race which I wanted to do as a test before Blodslitet next Saturday.

With an 11 km course and far from "kind" course planning I was very glad that I ran with sports drink in my Camelbak, otherwise I would probably have bonked far worse than I did.

1) I think I found an optimal route, the leaders ran more straight but I caught up to several of them on the control.

2) The worst mistake of the day, a 20-30 sec time loss.

3) Except for going over the first hill, this leg had no real route alternatives, just a _lot_ of climb on bouldery paths.

4) OK

5) OK

6) I spent the first 20+ seconds of this leg walking while trying to find a better route but realized that I had to go more or less straight over everything!

7) OK

8) Halfway down the rocky path I decided to try to cut straight down since the hillside didn't look too bad, but I lost about 25-30 m to a guy who was just behind me when I left the path, so I lost a few seconds here.

9) No good routes here, but I think I found the least bad alternative.

10) I decided to retrace parts of the first leg, the right-hand alternative would have resulted in more asphalt running and my feet were very sore at this point.

Finish) As my track log shows, the finish line was located a bit east of where it was marked on the map, so it was probably OK to take the paths I did: Running around on the roads would have been very painful!
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Asker 2-Mila (11 km) (11/10/2015) Asker 2-Mila (11 km) (11/10/2015)