Harry Lagert 1C (23/09/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tonsenhagen
Organiser: NSK
Distance: 4.42 km
Time: 35:04
Not perfect but OK for a night race with individual start! This area had a huge amount of small unmapped paths, so I realized after a while that I could not trust them but had to check my compass as well:

1) Found an indistinct path a little bit before the one shown on the map but realized it quickly, then I was almost fooled by a forking control on the first (lower) boulder before my own control.

2) Bad running shape but well executed, hit the control perfectly.

3) In daytime I would have gone straight since the forest was quite nice but for a night race I wanted to use the big paths as much as possible.

4) Here my initial plan was to go straight but when the wet marsh made it easier to keep left I took the path which made for a very safe control entry.

5) In hindsight I think I could have gone left here, mostly following the paths all the way down to the big ski track below the control. As it was I lost control after the pond and lost about a minute, recovering by the big boulder when I first started looking in the wrong spot.

As my track log shows I lost the mapped paths in several spots when I followed indistinct/unmapped ones instead.

6) OK

7) Safe route, I lost about a minute after 3/4 of the leg due to stomach trouble.

8) Hesitated too much when I didn't see the paths I expected.

9) OK

10) Scary downhill in slippery conditions.
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Harry Lagert 1C (23/09/2015) Harry Lagert 1C (23/09/2015)