Fränkels Kanna (19/09/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skytterkollen
Organiser: Ragnhild Hjermstad
Distance: 5.06 km
Time: 35:33
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 172
The orienteering part of the annual military match between NROF Oslo and ROSIG from Gothenburg.

A mostly clean run, except on #4 when I happened to cross the paths exactly where they merge, so that I believed I was a little bit higher up and would soon hit the second path below the control. Recovered when I saw the big track, lost 15-30 sec.

The area between #5 and #6 was pretty horrible at this time of the year, it might have been just as fast to go all the way around to the left on the road and the big path.

The first half of the path towards #7 was destroyed by logging machines who is using it to get to the open (logging) area shown south of the path, the mud was from 5 to 25 cm deep all the way. :-(

My win here in the O part was so clear that it gave me the overall victory in the combined event and Oslo regained the silver 'Kanna' (cup) that ROSIG won last year in Gothenburg.
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Fränkels Kanna (19/09/2015) Fränkels Kanna (19/09/2015)