OBIK P24 / AB 5 (08/09/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dikemark
Organiser: Asker
Distance: 3.4 km
Time: 25:42
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 165

Now I just need to get faster, my orienteering (at least in classic Norwegian terrain) seems to be back to par. :-)

1) This was the only control where I think I might have lost a few seconds (the split times have not turned up on the net so far): The control area was past a very obvious vegetation boundary, going from quite dense to totally open even though everything is white on the map, and the control flag itself was hidden so well that I had to get really close before I saw it.

2) Optimal route which avoided almost all the bad stuff, hit the path early. The control itself was of course trivial.

3) Pure transport, setup for the next leg.

4) Rough compass direction, aimed a little bit to the left after assing the flat knoll since it was possible to pass the control on the right without seeing it, corrected as soon as I could read the contours well enough to determine exactly where the flag had to be.

5) Very nice. :-)

6) I considered cutting over to the second path at once, but that would have forced me to cross the boulder area.

7) Very good. It might have been a couple of seconds faster to have stayed exactly on the line until I got down to the stream & path, but then I wouldn't have hit the uphill path so soon.

8) I considered going almost straight here but the path was probably the fastest.

9) I could have followed the main path almost to the circle and taken the control from the left side, but that would have made it much harder to hit it perfectly.

10) Transport. Since I started first of all I had to blaze a trail through high undergrowth when crossing the stream and the open yellow, so later starters might have been a little bit faster here. The same goes for the areas around controls 7 & 9.
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OBIK P24 / AB 5 (08/09/2015) OBIK P24 / AB 5 (08/09/2015)