Trøskenløpet H55 (05/09/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Isebakketjern
Distance: 4.95 km
Time: 39:17
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 174
Extremely wet & slippery, but close to perfect orienteering! :-)

1) OK, clear split time win.

2) I might have lost a few seconds by going straight over the first knoll, but the marsh was so wet that I wanted to get out of it asap.

3) Perfect direction running.

4) Tried to link together as many open slab/yellow areas as possible, aimed a little to the right when the last hillside had significantly denser vegetation than shown on the map, but could have cut this a bit closer. Morten Due who won beat me by 50 sec on this leg, almost all of that must have been pure running.

5) OK

6) OK, but I had to walk the entire final hillside, lost 21 sec to Richard Z-G here!

7) OK, but if the map had been in 1:7500 and/or better print quality I might have seen the path just to the left of the line!

8) Careful so I wouldn't overshoot this one, hit it perfectly.

9) Contoured around the first hillside then paths all the way to the finish. Good route and flow, but I still lost 29 sec to Morten on pure running, making this my worst split.

In the end I was 1:18 behind, after a close to perfect run, so I still need to train better before the next season!
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Trøskenløpet H55 (05/09/2015) Trøskenløpet H55 (05/09/2015)