OBIK P22 / AB Karusell (01/09/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Burudvann
Organiser: Tyrving
Distance: 4.56 km
Time: 36:34
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 162
Another training race, on almost the same course as when we ran in the same area in the spring. :-(

1) I got fooled completely by unmapped bends in the path, believing that I left it after the left/right S curve, which meant that I lost 1.5 minute searching and relocating.

2) OK, more or less the same leg as during the last race.

3) Another near repeat, except for skipping an extra control in the middle.

4) Yet another almost-repeat.

5) Easy but very slippery downhill in the very wet conditions.

6) The entire dam area was fenced off due to active construction, so I ran outside the fence on a new path. It is possible that the later starters avoided this detour, that would explain why I lost half a minute without making any mistakes.

7) Easy after I located the indistinct path in a logging area.

I did win even with the huge starting mistake, but by much less than usual for these races.
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OBIK P22 / AB Karusell (01/09/2015) OBIK P22 / AB Karusell (01/09/2015)