Varteigløpet (23/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kulleruddalen
Distance: 4.79 km
Time: 39:14
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 171
Perfect orienteering, bad running shape:

1) Hit this one directly but hesitated when I didn't spot the flag at once.

2) Transport, setting up for the long leg. I used the road/path running to plan the next leg.

3) Good route, good flow and no hesitation.

4) Very nice leg, contour running all the way into the control: That straight line was achieved without using the compass at all. :-( (This was my first leg win, at this point I shared the lead with Tore Bjørnerød, the eventual winner)

5) OK, but I lost 14 sec to Tore here who had missed the previous control and ran with some extra adrenalin.

6) Good route and execution but almost 2 min(!) slower than Tore: This was a leg that crossed a lot of terrain, combined with deep heather/blueberry I had to walk many places.

7) Very good, my second leg win.

8) Easy transport

9) This leg had a lot of route options, unfortunately the easiest by far, i.e. following paths far left and through the finish area was just as fast as the best routes going over the hill.

I started out taking that easy route but when I got close to the farm I decided that I wanted some more orienteering today and went over the top and straight through that horrible regrowing logged area and the green, hitting the control perfectly. This gave me my third and last leg win of the day.

On all the other controls I had the second-best split time except for #5 where I was #3.

In the end I was just 25 sec behind Tore (who normally runs in a younger class than me) and 5 min in front of the rest of the field.
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Varteigløpet (23/08/2015) Varteigløpet (23/08/2015)