Nydalens Skiklub Klubbmesterskap H45 (18/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sognsvann/Blankvann
Distance: 5.23 km
Time: 41:45
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 177
Finally a race without any serious mistakes!

1) I had time to consider several alternatives on my way to the start triangle, thought taking the big path was very safe but decided to start with a more aggressive straight on route. It seems both options were quite similar time-wise.

2) A little hesitation before I dropped low enough to spot the road beneath me.

3) The longest leg but no real route choice: Control #2 would have had to be located significantly further east to make the right-hand route a realistic option. I dropped ~10 s by the big marsh when I lost the indistinct path, then another 10-15 s at the very end when unmapped tracks led me downhill too early. The best micro-route into the control was probably to contour around the hillside then cross over and enter the control from the left side, since it was located so close to the end of the reentrant.

4) First route choice mistake: It was about 20 s faster to go straight up to the pond then take the left-hand path almost all the way up to the control.

5) OK

6) OK except for a stumble on the path where I landed badly, hitting a rock with my left thigh: From this point I could no longer run up the hillsides.

7) Very good & safe route into a difficult control, I caught up with two previous starters just before this control and led them to it.

8) OK

9) Tried to keep running up the hillsides but had to walk where Jon K was running in front of me.

10) OK

11) This is the point where Jon left me behind for good, I did not see him again until the finish line.

12) OK

13) The area below the road was so dense that I decided to go straight instead of taking the big path.

14) Just running around the open marsh.

In the end it turned out that I had lost 59 s to Jon on those final controls, so I still beat him by a single second, but the younger guys ran up to 4 minutes faster, and Anne Margrethe was another minute or two in front of them. (The senior ladies ran the same course as the veteran men.)
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Nydalens Skiklub Klubbmesterskap H45 (18/08/2015) Nydalens Skiklub Klubbmesterskap H45 (18/08/2015)