Drammensløpet (16/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hvalsdammen
Organiser: Sturla
Distance: 4.56 km
Time: 41:55
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 164
I need to (re-)learn how to orienteer! I made several stupid mistakes today:

1) When I left the road I planned to cross over the yellow knolls but made a parallel mistake, recovered on the big yellow knoll NW of the control. Lost half a minute here.

2) Got stuck in dense spruce vegetation (of which there was an abundance in this forest!) and never saw the obvious reentrant leading up to the control. I did spot the control area but since it looked like an obvious marsh I got a bit confused until I realized that the pond had dried out. Another 20 s lost.

3) First good control, aiming a bit right allowed me to check the cabin and avoided the green stripe area.

4) Another good one.

5) Good route but the logged areas were pretty bad, particularly since I started before everyone else instead of an hour later as I was originally supposed to. Halfway to the control I ran into a dry branch which hit my left ear so hard that I thought my ear drum had broken, but except for some bloody scratches both on the outside and inside my hearing seems to be OK.

6) Left the previous control in the wrong direction, otherwise OK

7) A little hesitation but mostly OK

8) The final scree slope extended further east, it would have been faster to link together the yellow open areas and take the path into the control.

9) OK route but very slow up from the first path to the second which I found and followed before the point indicated on the map. This leg would definitely be faster with some tracks from previous runners.

10) My first leg win, and also the first time I lead the race. With no tracks, dense undergrowth and about 4m visibility I was very glad to hit the control perfectly.

11) OK until I hit the control circle and suddenly decided I was too far north, past the control. The detour to check the big knoll cost 45 s and the race lead.

12) OK. It might have been faster to go straight south, saving some distance and climb on the road.

13) Very good, another leg win and I regained the race lead.

14) Good flow to a very easy control, 5 s ahead of nr 2 on this short leg.

15) Another really stupid mistake: After leaving the path I saw the first runners of the day, girls on shorter courses, and that was sufficient for me to forget about my compass and turn far to the left. Lost 1:30 and the race itself here.

With total time loss of about 3:30 this was comparable to yesterday, including the big mistake on the last forest control, I have to keep my concentration from start to finish!

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Drammensløpet (16/08/2015) Drammensløpet (16/08/2015)