Night Hawk 7 (15/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dikemark
Organiser: Tyrving
Distance: 6.69 km
Time: 52:18
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 170
We ran in the regular Night Hawk relay, but as one of the teams competing for the Veteran/Master's title. After the night legs Fossum lead by half an hour, as the only team within the mass start cutoff, so they had already won as long as they completed the last (daytime) half!

I had some flow problems today, starting in the start triangle where I passed the fence opening before I realized that I had to turn back and stay on the outside.

1) Safe route, a little bit above the control so I hit the contour and the yellow open area.

2) OK

3) Tricky terrain, dense vegetation and no real plan except that I tried to aim for the narrow (blue dots) marsh. I saw the forking control to the NE but didn't relocate at once because it looked like the detail was a nice (but smallish) cliff instead of a boulder cluster as shown on the map. Time loss was about 1:20.

4) OK

5) I should have gone around on the path, the green uphill part of my route was very slow indeed.

6) Transport/setup for the next leg.

7) I started going straight for a few seconds but as soon as I studied the map properly I realized that had to go up and around. I didn't get the map to match properly inside the circle, dropping about 10-15 s.

8-9-10-11) All OK even if my running speed is still rubbish.

12) This was possibly a route choice mistake: Going flat/left and then down through the big cliff opening was probably faster, but my route would have been OK if I had just cut a bit left when I came down the final part of the hill, this would have allowed me to cut over to the path in a better area. Time loss somewhere in the 15-45 s range?

13) OK

14) OK

15) Here I put my brain in idle, "all the orienteering was done" and ran way past the control, recovering when I saw the buildings down to my right. Lost about 1:20 here. :-(

In the end we stayed in second place having recovered about half the time Fossum lead by before the restart, but on my leg Nils Eddie almost caught up to me due to my mistakes, i.e. I lost most of the time my friends on the 5th and 6th leg had recovered but then our last leg runner did a very good race indeed.
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Tiltnes : Great analysis!

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Night Hawk 7 (15/08/2015) Night Hawk 7 (15/08/2015)