OBIK P17 - Putting out the controls (13/08/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sognsvann
Distance: 9.46 km
Time: 107:56
I spent 1:45 putting out all the controls for the OBIK race I organized today, my moving speed was of course significantly lower than normal due to the backpack with control flags and EMIT units.

Since this was a very simplified setup, with no other organizers or a controller and no previous trip into the forest to check control positions I had to spend some extra time on every control to be sure I put them all in the right spot.

I use Marko Teittinen's extremely useful Custom Maps Android app on my cell phone as a helper here, it is very easy to export a Google Earth KMZ raster image with 1m resolution from a georeferenced OCAD map, and mail it to my phone. This provides a moving map image with a cursor showing approximately (within the usual 3-20 m GPS accuracy in a forest) where I am.

The race went well, 118 starters and they all seemed quite happy with the course and the brand new map which allowed me to set courses that went all the way around Sognsvann:

The old maps were split between the east and west side, but Nydalens SK have remapped everything for the big race this year, O-Festivalen in June.
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OBIK P17 - Putting out the controls (13/08/2015) OBIK P17 - Putting out the controls (13/08/2015)