OBIK P16 Sandbekken (11/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bjønnåsen
Organiser: Thales
Distance: 5.34 km
Time: 44:46
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 173
Pretty bad actually, but everyone had some problems here:

Good flow to the first control, but the dark green extends 15-20 m further east and the control boulders are probably mismapped as well, they seem to be drawn a bit north of where they actually are located. Lost 20-30 s.

2) Lost the path system on the way, then I ran over the top of the knoll to be safe but ended up to far east. 45 s?

3) Hit the middle of the cliff but found a couple of trees I could use to climb down, then at the end I overshot the control by 10-15 m.

4) Nice flow until the last path junction where I found another (also indistinct) path that led me astray. Took me far too long to recover, I must have lost 3-4 minutes here!

5) The pathI hit whe leaving #4 went straight down the hill instead of contouring, seems like I found another unmapped path. When I looked up the overgrown hillside I decided to run around on the paths instead of the straight route which I had planned, this was probably a good idea.

6) Another hidden flag: I stood still for a couple of seconds in the middle of the small marsh before I located the flag behind a dense bush. The course setter told me afterwards that he felt that it should never be possible to see the flag before you were right in the middle of the control circle, I don't think I agree...

7) OK except for taking the wrong path for a short stretch up the last hillside but I recovered quickly.

8) OK

9) The yellow area underneath the power lines was absolutely horrible, and the map is only two years old so the vegetation mapping could have been better. It also seems like the boulders are located a bit further down the hillside than shown on the map.
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OBIK P16 Sandbekken (11/08/2015) OBIK P16 Sandbekken (11/08/2015)