Turkish JWOC training (03/08/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Femdal
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 4.24 km
Time: 35:16
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 170
Another training course that was organized for the Turkish JWOC team. A few of the tapes were missing, in particular #10 and #19 where I spent some time searching.

I started OK to the first four controls, then I made a 15-meter wobble into #5.

On #7 I never saw the tape but didn't stop.

Bad directional mistake to #13 when I tried to avoid some denser vegetation.

Going back over the bridge to #14 I forgot about the map ("Just run back to the bridge!") and ended up very close to #9.

I intentionally took a route to the right towards #19, offering quite a bit more climbing up & down but it avoided getting close to the private property.

Finally, on my way to the finish I took a really bad fall but I was lucky enough to only end up with a badly contused left thumb. This was so painful that I managed to stumble past the bridge: I usually hold my map in my left hand so at this point I stopped reading it and just went on memory.
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Turkish JWOC training (03/08/2015) Turkish JWOC training (03/08/2015)