Svabergsprinten (picking up the controls) (25/07/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Asmaløy
Organiser: Terje Wiig Mathisen
Distance: 4.4 km
Time: 51:30
Everyone finished before the (heavy) rain started, but by the time I had uploaded the results and gotten ready for this pickup round it was pouring down.

The best part was that everyone seemed to have a good time, even if they had made some mistakes.

The two guys who tried to swim between 12 and 13 seems to have lost about half a minute doing so.

This was a good way to celebrate my 58th birthday, by hosting a real one-man event! :-)
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Helen : This was brilliant Terje! Thanks once again & happy birthday!
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Svabergsprinten (picking up the controls) (25/07/2015) Svabergsprinten (picking up the controls) (25/07/2015)