Skjærgårdscup 3 (15/07/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Asmaløy/Viker
Organiser: Terje Wiig Mathisen
Distance: 5.28 km
Time: 39:07
Average HR: 122
Maximum HR: 159
Picking up the controls after the last O+BBQ evening: I needed 39:07 to collect all the controls, including 6:15 which was the time I stood still in order to untie the flags and EMIT units and put them into my backpack, i.e. total running time was 32:52.

Except for the strange bends in the open area before #8 (caused by trying to find a better way through the high vegetation) I believe this to be the optimal route for this course.

PS. I ran the course in the opposite direction, so that I could end by picking up the start unit instead of having to carry it all the way!
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Skjærgårdscup 3 (15/07/2015) Skjærgårdscup 3 (15/07/2015)