NROF Mesterskap Feltidrett (11/07/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sessvollmoen
Distance: 5.14 km
Time: 33:29
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 162
Norwegian Reserve Officer's championship: I did well in the shooting but failed horribly on the map reading exercise, my worst result in that discipline ever. :-(

I did win the final event, this orienteering race, even though I spent 7-8 minutes locating and moving controls that had been hung in the wrong spot, in particular #6. Hanne who had put them out did tell me before I started that she was very unsure about this particular flag location, the Special Detail shown on the map must have been removed sometime during the last 9 years.

She told me that she had put it on the root stock of a big windfall, the problem was that I found about 25 such fallen trees before I located the flag, it had been placed 60-70 m due west of the where it should have been.
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NROF Mesterskap Feltidrett (11/07/2015) NROF Mesterskap Feltidrett (11/07/2015)