JWOC Tour / SG2 H55 (06/07/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Juvstaul
Organiser: Porsgrunn / Dyre Vaa
Distance: 4.52 km
Time: 35:38
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 171
This course was a lot more difficult than I expected!

1) I followed the road out from the start just like all the previous racers had done, then I discovered after 10-15 s that I could have taken the path and road around to the right, making the control a lot easier and avoiding the very wet marsh. I lost about 20 s from hesitation at the end: The ride up the hill was so distinct that I worried that I could be on the path to the right of the line, so I went far enough up so I could see the houses, then cut back down to the control. Amazingly enough I still got the second best split time here!

2) Quite easy except for the need to be accurate when entering the green hillside: I got the third best split here and led the race for a single control.

3) I still don't know where the best route goes here: Jögge who won clearly today as well as on the first race went almost straight, on my route I got stuck in the green from the sand pit until the marsh east of #7, it would have been faster to go even further east. As I got close to the control circle I left the ski track by the boulders, but then I forgot to check the direction and stopped too soon, saw a control behind me and ran to it, located in the narrow marsh. Checking this and then going back cost me a minute.

4) OK

5) OK, but extremely slow up the hillside: I used just 6 s less here than to #4 which was twice as long.

6) Here I should have taken the easy option, all the way around on the road and the big marsh south of the housing area: My route seems OK until the very end where I read the last elongated dot knoll as the contour above it, then cut down the hill too late, but still only 20 m past the control. The vegetation seemed so dense that I went further ENE until I relocated by the ride and boulder blocks. I lost 1:40 just in the control area here!

7-8) OK

9) OK except for the jump across the stream leaving #8, to get to the field: There was a rusted wire 10-15 cm above the ground here which caught my left foot as I was taking off on the jump. I did a proper faceplant, forcing all the air out of my lungs. I then spent a couple of seconds checking that I was OK before I could run on. My sister Eli works in the hospital tent this week, she told me that they had multiple injuries from this very wire, including a broken collarbone and a concussion before they managed to send people down to remove it, so I guess I was lucky after all!

The final controls were mostly transport in order to get us into the arena without getting too close to the JWOC Middle Qualifier courses.
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JWOC Tour / SG2 H55 (06/07/2015) JWOC Tour / SG2 H55 (06/07/2015)