JWOC Tour Sprint Men (05/07/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Åmot
Distance: 4.09 km
Time: 21:12
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 172
I knew I should have rested as much as possible before the rest of the Sørlandsgaloppen/JWOC Tour races, but I really wanted to experience the JWOC course, so I tried to run at a little less than full race pace:

1) Easy start, just run until I spotted the fences and cut right, in the meantime I tried to figure out a good route choice to #2.

2) This control had at least 3 or 4 feasible routes, I probably picked one of the worst ones, particularly due to my last-second decision to try to cut across the green vegetation instead of following the road all the way to the control.

3) Transport

4) Another bad route choice: Either going back left and into the athletic field or going right along the main road would have been better. I noticed after my race that the women's course had almost the same leg: Heidi Mårtensson took my route while the winner, Simona Aebersold, won the leg clearly by going left. The time difference of 13 seconds (according to the GPS tracking) was larger than the eventual winning margin of 10 s!

5) Left or right? The left route did most of the ascent on pavement instead of grass, so probably better.

6) Transport to setup the next route choice.

7) The hillside down to #6 was so rocky that I decided to go north along the contours, then the main road down.

8) More transport

9) Here I finally decided to take an easy route, I think it was OK

10) Going right or left seems about equal.

11-Arena passage-12) Transport

13) I discovered after my race that the JWOC course had a different control here, #13 was located further north, inside the area shown as olive green on my map. I'm guessing this is a kindergarten where they had to limit the number of racers who would trample their playground!

Going left around the buildings after the staircase was probably better.

14) OK

15) I knew exactly where this control was located since I had spotted it on my way to #14.

16) OK

17) I considered going left but decided to retrace my route from 12-13.

I've only done about 50+ sprint races but this was probably the best course I have ever tried: I particularly liked the fact that this was a pure 3D route choice course, with not a single trap control, i.e. of the type where you have to dechiffre the clue sheet in order to determine which side of a wall or fence has the flag.

Tomorrow we'll have another regular forest race, the weather forecast currently says torrential rains and a 20 (Celcius) degree temperature drop!
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JWOC Tour Sprint Men (05/07/2015) JWOC Tour Sprint Men (05/07/2015)