JWOC Tour/ SG1 H55 (04/07/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dauvi/Høydalsmo
Distance: 5.94 km
Time: 50:33
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 178
I started as the third runner today, on a very warm day indeed: I managed decent speed halfway up the hillside to #1, to where I overtook the two runners that had started before me. I had a nice route and very good control here, with the halfway knoll, the boulders and the reentrant with the narrow marsh (blue dots), but by the time I made it all the way up to the control I was pretty much wasted. The split times show that I was in second place, just 1 second behind Jörgen Mårtensson here!

I found a good route to #2 as well, trying to run as much as possible, but as my track log shows I had to walk up all the steeper sections, and even across the marsh just before the control area. I lost a full minute due to this.

OK to #3

OK route but still very slow running to #4: I really shouldn't have started the race as hard as I did!

Halfway to #5 is where I made my first navigational mistake, I should have gone a bit further left of the line to the next open marsh, now I had to cross an area with boulders and a cliff.

#6 looks like a bit too much of a bend, I was just running where the terrain was most open, trying to avoid the green on the direct line.

#7 was another small mistake, it might have been faster to aim for the open marsh and the same area where I ran towards #5, but by aiming for the small stream and then the knoll with the huge boulder behind it I had a very safe route. I did notice going down along the stream that I was too tired to run normally in the steep downhill terrain.

To #8 I intentionally ran via the water station, it might have been faster to go straight since that would have avoided the green stripe area after the field, which was meter-high vegetation. Later runners would have had elephant trails through this area!

#9 was where I lost significant time: First I lost my left shoe in a mud hole, right at the edge of the #8 control circle: I had to stop, go back and dig out the shoe, empty it and then put it on again, something which I managed in just over 30 s.

When I approached the control (a boulder) it turned out to be very hard to see from the direction I came, as the track log shows I practically stepped on it without seeing it, losing about 40 s before I came back to the same spot.

I considered going direct to #10, following the long open marsh but took the ski track instead. (On my race map the area between the ski track and the control showed some new logging activity, this area was not very runnable.)

The final controls were mostly pure running, and at this point I really couldn't run very fast!

I ended up in 3rd place, after "Jögge" and my long-time competitor Sixten Westlund, but far behind both of them. Sixten and I have met many times on Gränsjakten, the annual 3-day event which takes place close to where WOC 2016 will be staged next year.
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JWOC Tour/ SG1 H55 (04/07/2015) JWOC Tour/ SG1 H55 (04/07/2015)