OBIK P15 (23/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gjelleråsen
Organiser: FFI/NILU
Distance: 4.67 km
Time: 39:47
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 163
My orienteering Achilles´ heel have always been open logging areas, tonight I ended up in a huge unmapped one, and lost quite a lot of time:

OK to 1 and 2, to #3 I considered going left but since I would have to take the right-hand path later on to #7 I took that route choice here as well. The path has been heavily used by trial bikes, it was extremely muddy. Since I lost 14 seconds to Ove M here the other route might have been faster.

Nr 4 was the big one, just as I hit the flow line contour after 2/3 of the leg I entered a huge newly logged area, whereupon I promptly forgot about compass direction or counting steps. :-(

The flag was located on the west side of the knoll, not on the top, so it wasn't visible until I got really close. By that time I had lost at least 2.5 minutes, and Rune Teigland was leading the race by 47 seconds.

In anger I ran very fast to #5, with good flow all the way, winning the leg by more than a minute and leading the rest of the race.

Towards #7 I got back some interest on the investment I had made towards #3, extending my lead.

Crossing the big logging area to #8 meant a lot of hesitation but no mistakes here.

Very good to #9, I was a bit uncertain when the last big reentrant on the hillside had a pretty large unmapped cliff, but decided I had to go on assuming I was in the right spot.

Good flow to #10 and 11.

Transport to #12

Control #13 was located a bit too far west, I believe the map is slightly wrong here, i.e. the real distance from the edge of the big knoll to the control is a bit larger.

I won my class and the course, but by less than usual due to that #4 blunder.
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OBIK P15 (23/06/2015) OBIK P15 (23/06/2015)