OBIK P14 (18/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Puttåsen
Organiser: Thales
Distance: 5.94 km
Time: 49:14
Another good race, this time a long distance event on the new Puttåsen map.

1) Started with some slight hesitation/direction problems, was beaten by 5 s on this leg.

2) Pretty much perfect, very good direction made the control itself quite trivial.

3) A bit more complicated but full control.

4) My worst mistake today was when I left #3, I should have contoured SE instead of dropping down the steep hill, and then I made it worse by crossing the intermediate hill instead of going up the gully to the paths. I was 11 s slower than Richard Z-G (who ended up in second place) here.

5-6-7) Good.

8) Some hesitation, I should have gone a little bit higher and passed over the top of the knoll above the control.

9-Finish) All good, won all these legs, and the course itself by 8+ minutes.
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OBIK P14 (18/06/2015) OBIK P14 (18/06/2015)