OBIK P13 (16/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jegersborgdammen
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 4.39 km
Time: 28:46
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 165
I used this race as a nice "warm-up" for a 3-hour MTB ride in Nordmarka, so I didn't push all out but still managed a pretty good effort:

1) The final slope up to the ridge in front of the control was quite rocky, it might have been just as fast to run around to the left of the ridge, taking the higher path.

2-6) OK, good flow and no misses or hesitations.

7) Two main route choices, left or right, plus the possibility of taking the road and the path that starts where the dirt road I used meets the road. The control would have been safer from above, but as long as I avoided any mistakes my route choice was probably optimal.

8) A small hesitation when I passed north of the last ridge and found an obvious knoll where the map just shows a small nose.

9-10) Both OK.

Up to here I had won every single leg.

11) An unmapped path tripped me up, it caused me to climb up on the knoll about 50 m before the control, costing about 10+ s, otherwise this was a nearly perfect race.
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OBIK P13 (16/06/2015) OBIK P13 (16/06/2015)