Midtsommersprinten (13/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hogsnes
Organiser: Stokke IL
Distance: 3.5 km
Time: 23:04
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 176
Good race but very thin starting field, I won every single split time, including those where I made (small) mistakes:

1) OK

2) OK, from the amount of vegetation in the green striped area near the start it was pretty obvious that this control had to be attacked from the right (east) side.

3) Good flow, I passed the H50 winner (who had started at the same time as me) on this leg, they had a course which went directly to our second control, then the same until our fifth.

4) OK, I made an intentional left swing here since the hillside looked a bit rocky.

5) OK

6) OK, except that the control was located a bit too far south and previous runners had blazed a direct line path, avoiding the detour I made around the dark green on the map. I.e. I could have saved 5 s by leaving the path sooner and finding this approach.

7) This control looked tricky if going straight, so I ran down the path and passed near #8, using the ruin (old skip jump probably) as my attack point.

8) Retracing my steps made this control trivial

9) This was my largest mistake today: The left-hand route was definitely 20 s faster!

10) Both ways around the building seems equally fast

11) OK, except for not using the asphalt running to plan the next controls.

12) Here I started in the wrong direction, going south, then I realized that this was stupid and turned back. Time loss was 10-15 s.

13) OK

14) I ran where the terrain was most runnable and ended up a little bit too far south, costing another 10 s

15) OK. Some people were fooled here, going south and trying to find an opening alongside the cliff just above the numeral '15'!

16-17-Finish) Just running!

Even with those small time losses my time of 23:04 compared well with the winning times in both H50 and H40, they had a course which was 100 m longer but quite comparable otherwise.
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Midtsommersprinten (13/06/2015) Midtsommersprinten (13/06/2015)