OBIK P12 (11/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Badedammen
Organiser: Norges Bank
Distance: 4.19 km
Time: 34:36
Pretty good: A single 20 second miss, a little hesitation but otherwise perfect:

1-2-3) OK

4) I passed above the control without seeing it, then had to turn back when I reached the end of the knoll. 20 s.

5) Very good.

6) I considered taking the path around to the right but ran straight on in order to get more orienteering.

7-8-9) OK

10) I knew I had to find the white stripe up the hill so I aimed for that, then I had to walk significant parts of the hillside due to all the deep heather and blueberry. If my shape had been a bit better I could probably have made this leg half a minute faster, but I still won the leg.

11) OK. (Lost 2 seconds to Rune Teigland who won this leg and came third in the race.)

12) OK, but some hesitation. Lost 6 seconds to Martin Granly who came second in the race.

13) Very good flow, 30+ seconds faster than everyone else.

Finish) OK, except for getting caught by a wire in the blocky descent into the midway gully: When both my legs were stopped at the same time I almost made a horrible faceplant into the rocks below, but managed to jerk one leg loose from the wire and far enough forward to save me!

My final time was half a minute faster than the expected winning time and 6-7 minutes in front of the rest. :-)
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tophat jr : Mye veldig bra her, midt-delen 4-10 viser at du er tilbake på ditt vanlige høye o-tekniske nivå! Imponerende løping. Trolig hjelper det at kartet er såpass nytt og godt som det er?
Terje Mathisen : Et godt kart er aldri feil, når vi også har god løypetrykk fra Vidar Benjaminsen og 1:7500 så går det an å lese seg helt inn i postene. :-)
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OBIK P12 (11/06/2015) OBIK P12 (11/06/2015)