OBIK P11 / AB 3 (09/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gullhaug
Organiser: Bærum SK / Håvard Lillegård
Distance: 3.96 km
Time: 28:46
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 173
Pretty good for a Tuesday evening in Lommedalen: Håvard had done a good job with the courses, avoiding most of the bad parts but I was still surprised a few places when 4-5 m cliff faces were shown as "small passable cliff".

1) OK, except that the cliff actually extends 20-30 m further down in the reentrant, so I hesitated a little bit into the control.

2) Trivial except for all the unmapped small paths that makes it a bit more difficult to know exactly where you are.

3) The first part of this leg looks quite nice on the map but in reality I jumped down and climbed up a number of cliffs here. Good flow all the way.

4) Since there was a small path marked out of the marsh area near #3 I followed that, and it turned out that it continued all the way up to the ski track.

5) Very good, hit the boulder perfectly.

6) Here I think the contour detail into the control is somewhat lacking, I had perfect control until I hit the control circle but still couldn't see any indication that there was a reentrant to the left so I ended up making a detour right until I spotted the big ski track and turned back. Time loss was about 40 s.

7) I considered three route choices here, i.e. down along the ski track and across, the same start as I used but then further down before crossing over and the one I chose: Even though I ran a route which should have avoided all cliffs I still ended up having to climb to get out of the big reentrant/gully.

8) On this control I also tried to run on the contour detail, but I should probably have taken a course instead since I knew that the contours are less than optimal on this map. Lost 20 s.

Final time of 28:46 with one minute total time loss was 4-5 minutes faster than everyone else on the course.
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OBIK P11 / AB 3 (09/06/2015) OBIK P11 / AB 3 (09/06/2015)