NM Feltidrett (05/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Heistadmoen
Distance: 5.7 km
Time: 47:03
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 218
OK race, I think I won my class, but I was far behind the level needed to repeat my results from 2 and 3 years ago when I ended up with bronze medals in the all-over competition.

The initial shooting consisted of a running loop, then 2x5 shots with a borrowed biathlon rifle, then once more through the running loop and another set of 2x5 shots. I had one missed shot when I hit the trigger by accident before I got a clear sight picture but the remaining 19 were all hits.

This initial part took me a total of 7:01 which was probably a couple of minutes too slow, but with one minute penalty per missed shot I felt this was time well spent.

We then ran directly to the start of the map reading section (which I've added to my orienteering race map, using slightly smaller symbols), it consisted of a marked loop with 8 intermediate controls which we had to mark on a blank map. 3 of these including the first were indirect, i.e. the flag was located at some distance from the marked path. I have shown these locations with a triangle pointing towards the flag location.

The first control consisted of a description ("knoll") and a pointer towards the knoll on the other side of the marsh, with most of the terrain hidden by vegetation. On this control I was tricked into indicating the smaller knoll on the south side of the circle since I could see that the flag wasn't located on the highest point, i.e. the terrain was rising to the north. This resulted in a 3 mm error, adding a 3 min penalty to my race time.

The next 6 controls all went perfectly, but on the final one I made a really stupid parallel mistake, placing my mark one knoll too far north: A 7 min penalty!

When I passed the race arena I had used 16:07 for the second part of the competition.

The final part was a regular but quite easy orienteering course:

1) I could have gone more directly towards the control after leaving the road, otherwise OK.

2) A surprisingly long leg! I considered going straight but decided that with my bad ankle it was safer to run downhill on the big trail, and this also allowed a perfectly safe attack direction.

3 & 4) Direction running and checking the details I passed.

5) This was similar to a leg I ran in the opposite direction at Pinseløpet a few weeks ago, so I knew that the terrain was quite runnable, and by making a slight left bend I had both the open marsh and the logged area before the control as final check points.

6) Here the only problem was to hit the connecting path section, which I did perfectly, then run as fast as I could uphill on the muddy track.

The final 3 km orienteering course took 23:55, i.e. just under 8 min/km: With such an easy course I should have been able to run 2-3 min faster, but compared to the 10 minutes lost on the map reading section it was OK.
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NM Feltidrett (05/06/2015) NM Feltidrett (05/06/2015)