OBIK P10 / NK 2 (04/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Øvresetertjern
Organiser: OSI
Distance: 5.23 km
Time: 52:13
All training is good, right?

Tonight was a pretty bad experience: First, the forest owner have destroyed most of the terrain with logging activity, leaving all the slash behind and making large parts pretty much unrunnable, like the leg from 4 to 5.

Second, several of the light green areas should have been updated a long time ago, parts of the the forest around #8 was probably the densest dark green I have had the misfortune to experience in many years.

Finally, several of the controls were misplaced and/or located on features which weren't properly mapped, so they should not have been used at all.

1) Starting with the good parts, #1 was OK and the green stripes did show that the area had suffered from branch pruning, leaving some obstacles but not too bad.

2) Good route and execution, hit the best parts of the forest and the control itself was really trivial.

3) Just transport, running on a wet logging track with a number of branches left behind.

4) Another good control, except for the final part up from the ski track/road: This is where the heavy logging activity really started.

5) Here I had to cross some light green on the map, but in the terrain it was all green/dark green.

6) OK

7) This is where the bad parts really started: I hit the center of the control circle and the rocky area perfectly, but no flag! After a 3 min 15 sec search I found it on a couple of unmapped blocks, inside the denser green and exactly on the edge of the circle.

8) Trying to put #7 behind me I decided to be really careful into #8, but since the map shows clearly that the bend in the path is at exactly the same height as the control I thought I could just follow the contours: The problem here was a combination of dark green vegetation and several instances of unmapped rock clusters, the track log shows that I stopped just before the control, then started searching up and down before I decided I had to climb up to the ski track to relocate: I found the small cliff above the path and took a careful compass bearing while trying to measure the distance (very hard when every step is around or between spruce trees growing 30-40 cm apart) and this way I found it. Time loss was about 5 min!

9 & 10) OK

11) Lost a minute here when I found a flag in exactly the right spot, but no EMIT unit! I immediately believed it had been stolen since this is a popular hiking area, and one of my own EMIT units were stolen when I hosted the first OBIK race of the season, but I still searched around the area in case it had fallen to the ground.

When I gave up and decided to run to the finish to report the problem I found the race flag on the very edge of the control circle, just like #7.

My total time of 52:12 means that even if I subtracted those 9 minutes of time loss I would have needed almost 11 min/km for the 4 km course. :-(
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OBIK P10 / NK 2 (04/06/2015) OBIK P10 / NK 2 (04/06/2015)