Shadowing Martin (30/05/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Kjøkøy/Fredrikstad
Distance: 6.44 km
Time: 85:56
Martin wanted to make a training run so I printed out a copy of an old course and decided to shadow him: Neither of us had a compass, so with the heavy overcast weather it was hard to maintain good direction in diffuse areas!

Martin started out way to the left of me towards #1, so I cut over halfway to see where he ran: He ended up stopping about 5 m from the WW2 trench without seeing it, then made a loop around the area before coming back to the same spot.

He missed seeing the indistinct path towards #2 (they can be very hard to locate on the big naked granite slabs!).

OK route and execution to controls 3-9.

#10 was the biggie, stopped a bit too soon and started searching in the wrong direction.

OK to 11, then we both passed just over #12 without seeing the cliff face.

Towards #13 Martin found an unmapped (very indistinct) path and believed it was the one on the map, we had to run around the green patch to recover.

Down to #15 we came too far north, then made a big loop before we recovered. (I'm partly responsible for this mistake)

OK to the remaining controls.
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Shadowing Martin (30/05/2015) Shadowing Martin (30/05/2015)