OBIK P9 H55 (02/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Puttåsen
Organiser: Lørenskog Kommune
Distance: 4.48 km
Time: 40:51
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 158
Extremely wet, I started just after the end of a daylong heavy rainfall:

1) OK

2) While trying to avoid the densest green just south of #1 I ended up a little bit too far west but found an OK route into a beginner-level control placement.

At this point I was more than half a minute behind the course leader.

3) OK except for the control itself: Studying the map after the race, there still doesn't seem to be any way to miss this control but I did end up a little bit too far west and lost about 20 sec. Talking to other runners and studying the split times shows that many had problems here, maybe the contour drawing could be improved?

4) Halfway to this control I switched gears and decided that I had to start running orienteering instead of just walking/jogging through the puddles and wet vegetation, I had perfect control leaving the path just north of the cliff, hitting the boulder and then swinging down into the control, except for overshooting it by 10 m or so, due to the surprisingly steep hillside: I think there could have been a form line knoll on top of the hillside to help show the structure of the terrain here.

This was the first split time I won and from here I kept the lead to the end.

5) Dead easy, just run north along the contours while noticing the boulders and then follow the narrow marsh and the hillside to the control.

6) Another easy control.

7) This one looks tricky but I found the best route, passing the dot knolls ad the boulder before hitting the path, then follow that down to the flatter area and take a right.

8) I lost 30 sec here by hitting the wrong green reeentrant, my mistake must have been due to a parallel mistake, I believed I was in the long slot with the cliffs, then turned right but I was already on the correct line. I realized my mistake at once, but the very dense planted spruce forest in the reentrant forced me to run around on the north side in order to get to the correct spot.

9) OK, except for being very scared while running on the slippery/stony path with Inov8 X-Talons without metal studs.

10) Bad flow, ending up a little bit too far west instead of following the valley leading directly to the control.

11 and Finish) OK

Taking 40:43 for a 3.7 km course while dropping one minute on mistakes means that my running speed today was almost 11 min/km, on a similar length course in Kongsberg a little over a week ago I managed 7 min/km! The major part of the difference must have been due to the conditions. :-)

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OBIK P9 H55 (02/06/2015) OBIK P9 H55 (02/06/2015)