Pinseløp Kongsberg H55 dag 3 (25/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Revshalsåsen
Distance: 5 km
Time: 33:36
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 172
Today I ran a bit faster than I could orienteer, this resulted in several mistakes:

Good start to #1 and #2, won both splits.

Towards #3 my plan was to bail out to the big path to the south, but decided to "tough it out" and go straight instead. When I hit the ride I didn't realize how far south I was and the logged area looked really bad so I started north instead. The ride was totally overgrown and barely runable, but the worst part was the control itself: I did not spot the knoll when I got inside the circle and spent an additional 2 minutes, for a total time loss of at least 2.5 min.

Everyone I spoke with after the race missed #4 the same way I did, this was because the boundary of the open (logged) area was incorrectly mapped, with an error of about 30m: I entered the area very close to the inside corner of the yellow, so I "knew" that I was in the form line reentrant, resulting in a parallel mistake.

Control 5 was strange: I did run a bit faster than I normally would, but I still had OK control with the indistinct path, the saddle and then the hillside, but when I crossed the reentrant I didn't notice it at all! My track log shows that I almost stepped on the flag, but then I turned right to get around a windfall and started wondering where the control was! I turned around when I saw the big track below me, the time loss was about 65-70 seconds.

I would normally have gone straight towards #6, but with all the slash in the terrain I cut down to the road. As I ran up the hill I considered going almost all the to the top but decided that the area east of the drinks spot didn't seem too bad. I used the path crossing the saddle as my attack point, this worked well.

Pretty much a straight line to #7.

I almost overshot the ski track junction towards #8, had to stop and go back. 5-10 sec?

OK to #9 and #10.

Really bad direction leaving #10, this was the third day to the same last control so I didn't orienteer at all, just ran towards the speaker sound and ended up with a significant detour costing me 15-20 sec.

Øyvind Roger Hansen won today, he dropped half a minute on #8 but ran very well otherwise, I came second but I was 2:07 behind him even though I won 7 of the 11 control split times.

More consistent orienteering is needed!
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Pinseløp Kongsberg H55 dag 3 (25/05/2015) Pinseløp Kongsberg H55 dag 3 (25/05/2015)