Pinseløp Kongsberg H55 dag 2 (24/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Revshalsåsen
Distance: 5.54 km
Time: 38:19
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 176
Close to perfect orienteering but not fast enough to win today either:

1) With 100 m from the start to the starting triangle I had time to look closely at this one, but going straight was the only realistic option. Best split time.

2) I took what should have been the best route to to this control but the entire second half was covered by slash, Eirik Tandrevold touched the right-hand path and went straight from the junction, he reported that this was much nicer.

3) OK

4) I looked carefully for any feasible direct route, but decided that I had to take the right-hand ski tracks and the road. I was beaten by 20 sec in pure running speed on this leg.

5) Very good flow.

6) The toughest leg on the course, I managed to run up the first (& steepest) part of the hill but higher up a combination of heather and logging activity forced me to walk. I won this split by over half a minute and regained the lead in the race.

7) Possibly the most interesting leg, I think I found an OK solution but it is possible that going right, i.e. starting out by contouring until you hit the big path, then a bit further south before cutting across to the the big yellow ski track would have been even faster.

8) The only problem here was that I hit the big path a little bit too far from the bend, according to my gps this cost me 10-15 s.

9) The most difficult control of the race so I planned it carefully, intending to run on the edge of the plateau, but I ended up one level too low. I recovered quickly when I hit the two small knolls below the control, but I still lost almost 40 sec to Kjell Dale.

10) Good flow and no hesitations, clear split time win.

11-12-Finish) OK

I ended up in second place, 28 s behind Kjell.
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tophat jr : Some critical comments from another o-nerd: Leg 1: Looks ideal! 2: Looks a bit defensive to run almost 90 degrees to the left on the road, perhaps straight or slightly right as you suggest yourself would have been slightly faster. 3: Could also go even more direct or slightly left of the line, if marshes are wet and slow, this might be faster. 4: Excellent route-choice, but I cannot understand that you run a few meters up on the ski track in the wrong direction, but perhaps the marsh looked really uninviting? 5: Optimal. 6: Think even more straight or slightly more right in the last part of your route would have been a few seconds faster. 7: Difficult to judge if your route or the route your suggest yourself is the better one, (even if I know this terrain very well, and even remmeber tis part it quite good), but I prefer the latter one. 8: Agree that the course (direction) in the first part of the leg is not very good. 9: Here I think you should have taken some climb immediately after the ski track junction, the runnability tends to be better high up on these hills. This routechoice is also shorter and the descent to the control itself is only a few meters. Willing to bet that Kjell did something similar to this... 10: Optimal, probably several runners tried a more direct route here, not a good choice! 11: Nice! 12: OK
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Pinseløp Kongsberg H55 dag 2 (24/05/2015) Pinseløp Kongsberg H55 dag 2 (24/05/2015)