Pinseløp Kongsberg H55 dag 2 (24/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Revshalsåsen
Distance: 5.54 km
Time: 38:19
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 176
Close to perfect orienteering but not fast enough to win today either:

1) With 100 m from the start to the starting triangle I had time to look closely at this one, but going straight was the only realistic option. Best split time.

2) I took what should have been the best route to to this control but the entire second half was covered by slash, Eirik Tandrevold touched the right-hand path and went straight from the junction, he reported that this was much nicer.

3) OK

4) I looked carefully for any feasible direct route, but decided that I had to take the right-hand ski tracks and the road. I was beaten by 20 sec in pure running speed on this leg.

5) Very good flow.

6) The toughest leg on the course, I managed to run up the first (& steepest) part of the hill but higher up a combination of heather and logging activity forced me to walk. I won this split by over half a minute and regained the lead in the race.

7) Possibly the most interesting leg, I think I found an OK solution but it is possible that going right, i.e. starting out by contouring until you hit the big path, then a bit further south before cutting across to the the big yellow ski track would have been even faster.

8) The only problem here was that I hit the big path a little bit too far from the bend, according to my gps this cost me 10-15 s.

9) The most difficult control of the race so I planned it carefully, intending to run on the edge of the plateau, but I ended up one level too low. I recovered quickly when I hit the two small knolls below the control, but I still lost almost 40 sec to Kjell Dale.

10) Good flow and no hesitations, clear split time win.

11-12-Finish) OK

I ended up in second place, 28 s behind Kjell.
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Pinseløp Kongsberg H55 dag 2 (24/05/2015) Pinseløp Kongsberg H55 dag 2 (24/05/2015)