OBIK P6 / NMK 1 (21/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Langsetløkka
Organiser: Kjelsås
Distance: 4.69 km
Time: 35:56
I think I'm recovering from anemia: Today I could accelerate up some of the hills instead of having to walk them. :-)

Transport to #1.

Nr 2 was my worst split time, it took a long time to get down the hillside between the cliffs, and then I hesitated a bit crossing the marsh, I was trying to avoid getting really wet immediately. I lost 35 secs here, most of it was probably due to the hillside where it would have been faster to follow the path north past the big cliffs and then go downhill and straight across the marsh. At this point I had dropped down to 3rd place, 17 seconds behind the leader.

Optimal route and execution to #3, I gained a minute against runners who stayed on the straight line and ran inside the greener vegetation underneath the cliffs. I regained the lead here and kept it to the end.

Good flow to #4

OK to #5 except for a few seconds hesitation as I had problems matching the first parts of the downhill to the map.

Good to #6 as well. I considered leaving the road much earlier, where it almost touches the stream, but the vegetation looked a bit too dense.

Bad exit direction towards #7 meant that I spent far too much time in the green stuff, I lost 19 s to Ove M here!

Good flow to #8 & #9

I think my route to #10 was good but it might have been even better to follow the paths almost all the way over the top since the blueberry & heather was tough to run fast through. I also missed the control by 10 m and had to turn back, resulting in a 4 sec time loss to Kjell Markset, the eventual 2nd place finisher.

Towards #11 I was joined by a runner on the 5 km course, when he followed the road around the hillside I decided to try the paths and attack from above: This turned out to be a couple of seconds slower.

The terrain and vegetation forced me a little bit too far south towards #12 but that resulted in a very easy route into the control and no time loss.

Transport to #13.

I hesitated a second above #14 due to a number of new mountain bike paths which didn't show on the map.

In the end I won the course barely in front of Jan Tore Henriksen who normally wins the 5 km course, he has been significantly faster than me in all previous races this year, so this was another strong indication that I'm getting into better shape.
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OBIK P6 / NMK 1 (21/05/2015) OBIK P6 / NMK 1 (21/05/2015)