OBIK P5 (19/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ulsrudvann / Haraløkka
Organiser: Aker Solutions
Distance: 5.02 km
Time: 35:54
One distance/counting error, otherwise OK:

My route to #1 still looks optimal, but the field midways was a horse grazing area with electrified fences all around, so the open passages marked for the path required climbing on both sides, I probably lost 5-10 seconds here.

#2 is where I lost my concentration: After crossing the first marsh, the wide knoll and the major path I dropped into the medium green and when I climbed up by the small cliff I believed I was already by the large one, so after a small drop and another climb I believed I was already in the control knoll area! I spent about 1:45 here before I realized my error.

At this point the adrenalin spike helped me speed up and orienteer better, so I won the next 6 split times, all the way to #8, gaining the lead in the race by #7.

Control 9 had two main problems: The map was cut far too close to the obvious route choice and with at least 25% additional (unmapped) paths it was hard to know exactly where you were. Ove Martinsen who had lead for the first 6 controls dropped 13 (!) minutes here, he must have gone outside the map coverage and then failed to realize it.

The other problem was that the control itself was misplaced, it was located in the smaller reentrant due east of the correct one, but almost on top of the small path. I lost 17 seconds to the best split here going down the correct reentrant looking for the flag, which indicates that I spent 20-25 seconds looking.

The rest went OK, so I won the course by about 5 min.
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OBIK P5 (19/05/2015) OBIK P5 (19/05/2015)