KlubbKM Stafett (16/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lunde
Organiser: FSK
Leg: 3
Distance: 3.54 km
Time: 21:30
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 180
Slightly more interesting than the first leg, but still mostly pure running:

Hans Petter had passed all the teams in front of him and came in alone, so I just had to finish the relay.

Same first control on all the legs, so this time I ran the best route back through the changeover area.

The second control could in theory be done straight to save both distance and climb, but with all the green stuff that had to be slower.

Nr 3 was a lot of running, but I was still feeling the effects from my previous leg and had problems getting my speed ( and heart rate) up. I hesitated maybe 5 seconds in the spot where I should leave the path, since the junction with the indistinct path towards the control was very indistinct indeed!

Nr 4 was probably a bad route choice: I believe the fastest might have been to retrace the indistinct path down to the long marsh, crossing this and then contour around the hill with 4-5 black 'v' symbols, but I probably didn't lose any significant amount.

Control 5 should have been dead easy, just follow the power line, but the area around the control had more contour detail than I could easily read from the map, so I stopped about 15 m NE of the flag and had to turn around.

OK to #6 and the rest was a repeat of the first leg.
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KlubbKM Stafett (16/05/2015) KlubbKM Stafett (16/05/2015)