World record - 120 controls (16/10/2004)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rakke
Organiser: Larvik
This was a world record at the time, 120 controls in a single race.

Even though we had individual starting times, a pretty large group had gathered by the first 30+ controls. I ran together with my brother Knut and didn't have any problems until control 35 where the pack leaders ran along the main path: I saw that the control was located west of the dense bush so I ran over on the west side and down, only to discover that the control had been hung on the east side anyway!

I ran as hard as I could for the next 10-15 controls to catch back up, then I had a good time staying in the lead until we crossed the road between 81 and 82: Going down the yellow field to #83 I suddenly felt faint and a control later, when my brother got worried about me I had to tell him "Just go on, I have bonked badly and will have to walk from here!"

I believe I lost 15 minutes getting to 109, the arena passing control, where I sat down in our car and had an energy drink, a sandwich and some chocolate. This allowed me to start moving again so I could finish the race!
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World record - 120 controls (16/10/2004)