FSK Klubbmesterskap (14/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Laverød / Borge Skole
Distance: 5.91 km
Time: 42:13
Good start, then a horrible blunder:

I ran well to the first 8 controls, then I changed my mind towards #9. It would have been better to leave #8 on a direct course toards #9!

To #10 I saw that it was probably faster to retrace the path I ran towards #4, then follow the road NW and finish the way I did, but I didn't want to run on a paved road with my bad ankle, so I took the more direct option.

The disaster happened on #11: I ran perfectly almost all the way to the control, but I had misread my control description sheet, believing this was yet another boulder control:The cliff as drawn is _very_ tiny, possibly below the legal limit, so I read it as confirming the boulder description.

The end result was that I turned back just 10-15 m before (above) the control, and only came back after almost 4 minutes, after rechecking the control description.

Adding "insult to injury" I then proceeded to orienteer from 12 to 13, something I didn't realize until I was standing in a big path junction.

To be safe I then ran all the way around to #13, instead of the direct route I had attempted originally when I left 11.

I then failed to run in the correct direction towards 14, dropping some more time, before I finished my race by hitting the final control (a house corner) perfectly and then not seeing the old control flag hanging among some old rubbish.

So, even if I won the first legs and lead my class for half the race, in the end I was beaten very handsomely by Tom A Karlsen who is 5 years older than me.
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FSK Klubbmesterskap (14/05/2015) FSK Klubbmesterskap (14/05/2015)