OBIK P4 / AB 1 (12/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Burudvann
Organiser: Haslum
Distance: 4.58 km
Time: 34:29
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 170
Nice course planning in a pretty bad terrain: This area is infamous for bush, rock piles covered by slippery moss and lots of climbing up and down, but Erik Johan Grorud had done a good job finding the most passable parts of the terrain.

I did a pretty close to error free race, almost matching the speed of the 6 (Svein) and 5 km (Jan Tore) winners to the first three controls.

Near the end it turned out that Jan Tore had beat me by 23 seconds to the 9th control: The big path was a horribly muddy ski track, so he left it halfway and ran up the hill and in the white forest on the plateau leading to the control, this turned out to be significantly faster!
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bgulheim : Nice course, i wishes ever course planner think like this, then orientering will be alot more fun! Nice analyse as alwayse Terje, keep it comming please.. :-)
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OBIK P4 / AB 1 (12/05/2015) OBIK P4 / AB 1 (12/05/2015)