OBIK P2 (30/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fornebu
Organiser: Telenor
Distance: 8.02 km
Time: 43:31
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 172
Nice (very local) event: I ran from home, taking the route diagonally SW that goes through the Lysaker railway station, then along my usual bike route to work.

15 minutes later I started the race, ran relatively controlled since I hadn't taped my ankles but still fast enough to win my class & course. My working desk at Evry is located about 30 m north of the north-east end of the '7' digit at control 7, so I obviously knew the area quite well!

Jogging back home I followed my bike route except for a couple of shortcuts across some low fences.

As can be seen from the edits close to my home I have started to make a proper sprint map of the Lysaker area: I believe this can be quite nice due to a large number of multi-level areas, staircases, walls and bridges!
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bgulheim : Nice! More please :-) and more event lik this i OBIK :-)
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OBIK P2 (30/04/2015) OBIK P2 (30/04/2015)