Lørdagskjappen H55 (25/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Torebråte
Organiser: OK Moss
Distance: 5 km
Time: 37:23
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 181
First real forest race of the year, my running form is pretty horrible which also tends to affect my orienteering:

I ran perfectly to the first control, having spent the last minute before the start memorizing the control clue sheet: The problem was that I thought code 102 (which was my fourth control) was the code on nr 1, so I ran 15 m past it before I realized that I was in the right spot, rechecked my clue sheet and ran back to punch. This must have cost me at least 10 seconds.

OK most of the way to #2, but at the very end I made a parallel error, believing I was too far SW and jumped into the green area. According to the GPS this cost me about 45 sec.

#4 was interesting! I remembered from the Norwegian Masters championship 2.5 years previously that many of the green stripe areas were almost impassable so I stayed on top of the cliffs, this was a mistake as the area below me turned out to be very runnable, i.e. I could see competitors below me who ran significantly faster.

After the open area the plan was to locate the indistinct path and follow that to the second bend but when I missed the path (by being too far west) I just ran along a coarse compass direction, and the control turned up as it should. I believe I had the exact same control when I won that championship event 2.5 years ago!

Bengt Niklasson ran all the way left along the paths here, using just 7 seconds more than me after making some mistakes, so this was also a reasonable choice, but the faster runners seems to have gone almost straight. I lost 1:28 to Arild Kirkerød on this leg. (I talked to Arild the next day and it turns out he did the same as Bengt, i.e. paths all the way!)

Easy setup leg to #5

Towards #6 I really started to notice my horrible terrain running shape, Bengt who I had overtaken by 2 minutes to the second control ran much faster than me up this hill, but when he hesitated at the end I passed him again and stayed ahead to the finish line.

OK to #7, except for a small 5 sec wobble into the control.

OK to the final controls and then I managed enough of a finish sprint to beat the time of Jack Bjørnsen, giving me a third place in the race, after Jens Olav Kløvrud and Jan Granstedt who were 2:21 and 0:46 in front of me. I.e. with a perfect race I would still have been well behind Jens Olav!
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Lørdagskjappen H55 (25/04/2015) Lørdagskjappen H55 (25/04/2015)