Oslo City Cup Løp 3 (21/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ellingsrudåsen
Organiser: Oppsal
Distance: 2.87 km
Time: 17:18
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 178
Good race, but my left ankle joint is very painful now, about 3 hours after I finished. :-(

1) Easy start, gave me some time to study the next leg.

2) Three alternatives here, I believe my choice was OK, as was going right, while the final (zig-zag first left then right) must have been a few seconds slower.

3) Going left might have been a slightly faster, avoiding both the staircase and the detour above the staircase.

4 & 5) Transport

6) I considered going left through the green in order to avoid most of the climbing but took the safe choice.

7-14) OK

15) Good route, the control itself was slightly misplaced, close to the north-west side of the control circle.

16-Finish) OK
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Oslo City Cup Løp 3 (21/04/2015) Oslo City Cup Løp 3 (21/04/2015)