Ås by Night & Fog Cup Finale (24/03/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nordby
Organiser: Ås / Ivar Maalen
Distance: 5.34 km
Time: 54:17
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 169
A parallel mistake during a map exchange caused a DSQ here, otherwise it was a pretty good performance considering the terrain which is almost completely impassable in many areas due to huge numbers of storm-felled spruce:

Pretty good to the first 3 controls, (maybe 50 windfalls between 2 & 3!), then I had more windfall problems towards #4 which made it hard to keep the direction but I was pretty sure that I arrived a bit to the right so I could follow the final edge into the control.

I saw #11 on the way to #5, hesitated a bit but found it OK, then I had close to perfect route to #6.

I intentionally took a left curve to #7, used the field until the top of the hill which gave a perfect attack point, but then I turned around a few meters before the control without seeing it. It took me two minutes before I came back, and at that point I was sure that recognized the area around #1!

This meant that when I switched to the second map I believed I was alread on #1/8, which naturally caused some problems when I attempted to repeat the start of the route from 1 to 2.

I recovered when I found the path, then I found the rest of the controls OK.

When I downloaded my EMIT tag and was missing control 8 I told Ivar that I was sure I had been there twice, which he accepted, but now I have to tell him I'm sorry, I was mistaken and tonight was a clear DSQ!
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Ås by Night & Fog Cup Finale (24/03/2015) Ås by Night & Fog Cup Finale (24/03/2015)