Tyrving Gate-O (19/03/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Veritasskogen
Organiser: Bjørn Ekeberg
Distance: 5.49 km
Time: 33:59
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 168
This was supposed to be run as a night-O event later this evening, but since I had a previous appointment Bjørn was kind enough to send me the courses so I could run by myself, in daylight, without any control markers. (I didn't know for sure about the markers until I got t the first control and realized that there was nothing there.) For the rest of the controls I just made sure that I touched the detail or the location where the flag would be placed.

No particular problems except for the route to the first control: On the race map there was supposed to be an opening in the middle of the development area (the purple hash marks), but I had to follow the new fences around a couple of buildings in order to get past. This map with combined A+B course tries to show where the fenced areas are currently located.

I believe I had nearly optimal route choices to all controls except to #15 where I could have avoided a fence crossing, but this can't have cost me more than 5-10 sec.

I'm guessing Anders Tiltnes and the other H21E runners in Tyrving will use around 25 min tonight!
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bjørn henning grandal : Ser ut som disk dette her Terje. Du har nok løpt på ulovlig område til 1. post.
Terje Mathisen : No, this was not a DSQ: As I mentioned the maps I actually ran on did not have any out of bounds area between the apartment buildings, when I found that the development had been extended I ran on the outside of the fences all the way around, i.e. I did no cross anything that would have been marked as illegal on a correct map, but I probably did lose 30-60 seconds.
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Tyrving Gate-O (19/03/2015) Tyrving Gate-O (19/03/2015)