Østnatt-Cup løp 3 (11/02/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ask/Gjerdrum
Organiser: Raumar
Distance: 5.76 km
Time: 37:22
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 171
I had a control visit with the surgeon who operated on my foot last summer, he told me that I should try to run without taping up my ankle so I tried it on this Street-O night event. The ankle hurts a bit today, the day after, but not too bad so I hope this means that it is still getting better.

On the first control I messed up quite a bit, first I didn't spot the road crossing, then I also didn't see that the road I ran into the cotnrol, from the north, seems to be marked out of bounds, but I was unable to see this until I had scanned the map and looked at it on-screen with high zoom levels. :-(

#2 was just transport, no real options except for taking the next road left and passing through the light green forest directly to the control. I saw tracks that indicated at least some runners had done that.

#3 had two real alternatives, returning and going left like I did is a little bit shorter, while the right-hand choice had less climb.

#4 was similar to #3: Go left and avoid some climb, or right which was shorter but steeper.

#5 was really bad: My first idea was to run SW in the forest below the houses, then a flat route around to the right, but the snow cover was far too deep so I had to bail down to the playground. When I got down there it turned out that the path up the hill hadn't been used so I spent at least a couple of minutes extra here, slogging uphill in 40-60 cm of snow.

#6 would have been OK if the indistinct final path had been used, as it was I would have saved time going south out of #5 and all the way around to the left!

Knowing what I did about the nonexisting path I ran all the way around to #7, here also the final downhill path was nearly pristine, so I followed the roads al the way to #8.

#9 was OK and the rest of the controls were just transport back to the finish.
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Østnatt-Cup løp 3 (11/02/2015) Østnatt-Cup løp 3 (11/02/2015)