Tour of Lillomarka (27/01/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tonsenhagen
Organiser: Vidar Benjaminsen
Distance: 4.62 km
Time: 33:30
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 167
Fun night street-O, 10-40 cm of snow cover so I had to look for well-trampled paths.

OK to 1-2-3, then I made a bad route choice to #4 and started by going around an additional building, almost all the way back to #2.

I took my incoming track back out of #4, it would probably be better to go south of the first building, then stay close to the north side of the big building.

OK to 6 & 7.

I lost map contact between 7 & 8, recovered when I recognized the area I had been to twice before!

OK to 9-11, ran around an extra building towards 12, then ok to 13 & 14.

I had planned to approach #15 from the south, but when I got there I realized that there was a small slice of olive green partly covered by the control circle, so I had to go back and around.

The last controls (16-18) went OK.
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Tour of Lillomarka (27/01/2015) Tour of Lillomarka (27/01/2015)