Nattrenn Lunde (24/01/2015)
Category: Training
Organiser: Hans Petter
Distance: 6.85 km
Time: 63:33
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 158
HP organized a night training, with forked courses and no markers, in a very interesting terrain located at the south end of Kråkerøy. HP drove ahead to pick up Espen from the other end of the Island so I started a few minutes before them, this allowed me to stay ahead until the 13th control.

I was relatively happy with my orienteering tonigh, I felt insecure towards the first control but the GPS shows that I did find it, then I had good flow all the way to #5 where I made a 30-sec detour to check an additional knoll after first hitting the correct one.

OK to 6-9, then I didn't notice the power line towards #10 and hesitated, stopping before the control circle and backtracked a few meters before I turned back and found the correct spot.

On #11 I found a few more mining areas than what's mapped, this resulted in a little detour to the south end of the control circle.

When HP and Espen passed me on the path towards 14 I decided to take 14-16 in the opposite order, so that they wouldn't have to wait for me at the finish..

Particularly #15 was very challenging the way I had to approach it, with dense green (planted spruce) forest.

The only big mistake happened on the way to the last control: The houses I should run on the back side of turned out to be a new construction area, so I assumed that they would not be on the map. When I realized this I had to turn back in order to get on the other side, even though it was very tempting to cross between the houses where nobody was living yet.
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Knut : Ser moro og bra ut. Jeg løper nattsvermer'n på dette kartet i april i fjor. Hadde et lignende strekk som ditt 11. strekk, og opplevde også at kartet hadde forenklet terrenget litt mye her!
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Nattrenn Lunde (24/01/2015) Nattrenn Lunde (24/01/2015)