Mathisen Nattrenn (11/01/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Asmaløy, Hvaler
Organiser: Fam Mathisen
Distance: 6.06 km
Time: 61:09
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 168
Organized a night training with my brother Knut and his son Hans Petter, on the nicest part of the map I've been using as my test bed for extracting as much information as possible out of the LiDAR point cloud. I tried to follow ISSOM (sprint) norm here, but we ran on a 1:5600 scale in order to fit on A4. :-)

I had planned lots of forking (not shown here) so we each ran slightly different courses.

To the first control both Knut and HP had an alterantive on the knoll west of mine, that turned out to be significantly slower, so even though I had problems on #2, didn't see the block field initially and turned back a bit after hitting the bare rock, I was still ahead on #3 and 4. On this one I didn't quite like my own mapping so I scanned a bit further along the fault line, down to the large boulders.

Nice running along the hillside towards #5, even if I didn't see exactly where the little knoll was located, but when I hit the boulders down by the marsh I knew I must have passed pretty much on top of it. At this point HP caught up to me.

To #7 both HP and Knut had other controls, I saw their lights and met up again with HP towards #8. On this control he run straight over the hill while I took the smalle detour on the indistinct path, giving a rock solid attack point. When I left the control I met HP who had ended up a bit too far south.

I did not see the #9 boulder but when my compass course hit directly on the next one by the path I knew I had passed it very closely indeed.

#10 was an MP, I thought I was on the side of contour passing the control but was actually 30-40 m too far east.

#11 was OK, except for getting a little bit too far down but I knew that the stone wall would stop me as soon as it became visible.

Followed the bare rock and other runnable areas to #12, tried to do the same to #13 but hit a few patches of denser stuff.

I decided to try the same to #14, making a right-hand curve that would get the maximum amount of bare rock and open areas. Except for once dropping into the marshland which was wet now in wintertime, this worked OK until I stopped a few meters before the control without seeing the boulder. Spent a couple of minutes here before I came back and saw it partly hidden underneath a pine brush. Joined up with my brother Knut here.

OK to 15, Knut dropped all the way down to the path while I just contoured around the spur with the control cliff on the back side.

At this point we decided to skip #16 since we had agreed beforehand to run for about an hour.
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Mathisen Nattrenn (11/01/2015) Mathisen Nattrenn (11/01/2015)