Ås by Night & Fog Cup #3 (09/12/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Smerta
Organiser: Ås
Distance: 5.93 km
Time: 54:28
Tonight I had decided to orienteer very carefully, found a good line along the hillside towards #1 then followed a compass course towards the control: As my track shows I must have taken out a course that off by almost 30 degrees, I have no idea how I managed to do that! Lost 2-3 minutes and found the control 15-30 seconds behind a group of 4 people.

I ran hard towards #2, overtook the group by the rides halfway then noticed that they went too low while I followed a perfect line until just before the control circle: At that point I lost my confidence and turned downhill towards all the lights down there. When we hit the logged area I though we were at the spot just east of the '2' digit and tried to locate the control from there, when it didn't turn up I realized where I had been and went uphill to finish the route choice I had been on almost 4 minutes previously.

At this point I was completely alone again (this was an individual start race) and managed to execute the route to #3 quite nicely.

Leaving #3 I noticed a guy behind me again, this was Jan Tore who won tonight, he followed me all the way to #4.

I didn't see #5 on the map so I started to orienteer towards #6 but realized my mistake after less than 30 seconds, but this allowed Jan Tore to pass me, we then followed more or less the same route to #6.

At this control he waited for me to make my choice, then he ran all the way around to the golf course and attacked the final control from downhill while I found a reasonably good route through the dense green, hitting the small clearing with the boulder and used that plus the top of the next knoll as my attack point.

The problem was that I found the control too soon, but without the punching unit: Instead of realizing that this was indeed far too soon I spent a minute or so searching for the punch and checking the knoll above the reentrant. This was where I believed the control should be located, I hadn't unfolded my map to check the control description, i.e. yet another beginner mistake. :-(

Starting from the wrong location I never found the 'Golfbane' field and spent far too long inside unrunnable green and old logging with lots of slash and regrowth.

Adding insult to injury my battery ran out, but fortunately after I got out of the forest. I did need help at the finish to find the final punch unit!
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Audun Bjerknes : Jeg gjorde akkurat samme feilen til 1. selv. Sjekket jo retning og trodde at jeg holdt god kurs... men så havner jeg for langt høyre. Pussig sammentreff.
Audun B : He he, la oss skylde på kraftlinjen! Den tenkte jeg ikke på!

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Ås by Night & Fog Cup #3 (09/12/2014) Ås by Night & Fog Cup #3 (09/12/2014)