Veritas Natt (26/11/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Styggedalen - Bogstad
Distance: 5.14 km
Time: 41:09
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 169
Much better than yesterday, I lead the race at control #4, but then I had to make a short technical delay costing me about 40 sec which dropped me all the way down to the fifth spot at #5.

The orienteering went mostly pretty well, it is hard to avoid some smaller time losses in a terrain like this which had suffered from several areas with multiple big spruce windfall.

The extra bend towards #1 was in order to avoid some of those blocking trees, the same goes for the big detour out of #7.

I considered going left to #9 but decided that it would probably be faster to approach through the green from above than from below.

To #10 went left in order to avoid the green stripes north of the field on the straight route choice.

My worst mistake was probably to the last control where the control knoll was invisible in the vegetation until I had climbed up on the neighboring hillside.
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Veritas Natt (26/11/2014) Veritas Natt (26/11/2014)